Thursday, 2 November 2017

RRCO Zine #1

The weight, texture and smell of the paper, the act of turning a page and the reveal of the next image are aspects of the printed physical text that makes the experience meaningful to me and gives it elements the digital format lacks.

We were very aware that digital content of course was the most practical medium in which to publish the ongoing work of the Refined Robot Co across an international audience but I think we shared a common desire to see the work in a physical form at least in some capacity.

Coinciding with TFNation in 2017 we decided to launch our first printed release. Initially intended to take the form of a DIY photocopied Zine it slowly however evolved, moving to printed full colour and a more controlled design style that fit with the aesthetic of the photographers and writers involved. The decision to launch it at a con at which two RRCo members attended enabled us the ability to hand them out personally and add a face to the articles. Limited to 100 sixteen page, a5 and in full colour, it served as both a launch and a test to measure if this would become a feasible option in the future.

As much as we adore the physical product, we wanted to make it available digitally for all those supporters unable to attend and acknowledge our genuinely international approach while still keeping the special the limited nature of the printed work. I hope you enjoy issue #1 of RRC0 presented below.

Thank you and
as always, keep it #Refined.



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